Providing a better perspective.

Planning together with you, for you.

About Us

We're a young professional team dedicated to keeping our clients' interests at heart.

We believe in providing the best solutions for our clients based on their situations and needs in life. Though life can get serious, we like to make things approachable for all.

Transparency and honesty are our values in dealing with all parties. That's what ECL stands for: Ethical. Caring. Light-hearted.

Our Team

With more than 10 years experience in relation to financial services and legal matters, the team is equipped with expansive knowledge of the issues and points of importance for clients to consider.

Our open sharing and unbiased advise provides the platform for others to make well informed important decisions that can move on to a brighter future.

Our Solutions

We cater for both individuals (including family) and corporate solutions based on the needs of the clients.

Ranging from a full financial analysis to providing sound advise on specific matters, nothing is too big or small for us to help our clients with.

Get in touch with us to find out more! We look forward to hearing from you.