Policy Reviews


Review of covered amounts, policy terms and conditions, key points of considerations and benefits will be conducted for each policy provided for review.

A full summary and disclosure of policy details will be provided, so that the client can fully understand and appreciate what they currently have. 

Any recommendations and suggestions will be on a case to case basis, and the client is free to decide on what to do from there.

Full Financial Plan


A full financial plan looks into multiple areas of your situation, and based on information provided, is designed according to your specific life goals, desires and resources.

It is a process which will take multiple discussions, but in the end, is worth the entire effort for an efficient use of financial resources. Highly recommended for parties who want to look into maximizing their resources or who want to ensure that their choices provide them the best in life.

Corporate Insurance Matters


There's a risk to everything in life. We help companies to discuss and mitigate such risks. We can't prevent anything from happening, but we can help when financial aid is most necessary.

From basic fire to indemnity insurance to loss of revenue, we help businesses plan for foreseeable risks, and highlight potential risks which they can take action on too.

Group Employee Benefits


Running a company successfully takes a team of individuals who make up a powerful combination of talents. Taking care of each of their individuals while in employment is a duty and shows the true heart of a company.

Providing employees with the best available options within company resource limits is one of the most noble things you can do.

We help clients to review their current company policies, recommend suggestions if there are better ones, and execute their plans based on their decision.