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We all want that easy gain, that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, the genie in the lamp that's so hard to find.

We've seen scammers take advantage of that need for returns, or products or services structured into things that sound like it can make money but doesn't (*cough *cough....sub prime....*cough)

Some people exclaim to have found THE investment vehicle, but once it tanks or drops in value, or cannot keep their payout commitment anymore, they no longer shout about it. The bottom line is this: there is NO one miraculous investment that will generate a high guaranteed return for you. (not for a long run anyway)

So what does this mean to our goals of achieving a good consistent return to help us build up our "pot of gold"? The simple phrase is: "diversity and take risk". The difficult part to that is: "diversify into what?" and "how often do I have to review / manage it?"

It's important to note that a financial adviser can walk you through the process of planning your portfolio and investment plans but he / she does NOT have a crystal ball to tell you the exact future of your investment returns.

What we CAN do is break things down for you in summary and to point you in the right direction for regulated products (so that your money isn't scammed). Some with fixed returns, some returns may fluctuate, some with flexibility, others without; and a suitable "allocation plan" (read: di-ver-C-Fy) to match your goals and your perceptions / biases.

A good compounding interest (ie. interest on capital and interest that is kept invested and rolls over, etc) should be about 4-6% per year, which according to the fantastic rule of 72, should double your money within 12-18 years. (see table above for a easy to look at nice....)

Not too shabby for your retirement plan eh? (OR your children's education fund, OR your pet maintenance fund, OR that dream vehicle or holiday you've been planning for, catch my drift)

So give us a ring (OR Whatsapp, OR email, OR Facebook message us) today! We won't promise you ecstatically high returns, but our advisers will help you get to that pot of gold you are looking for, over time.

Thanks for reading!

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