The New Year is Here! Time for myVision 2020!

So the year has began, 2019 is the past, your 2020 is ahead of you. We've mentioned before that this is the year of Vision 2020. What's your vision for the year so far?

To kick start the year, we'd like to journey with you, on how this year will be a financially better year for you and your loved ones! We all, at some point in our lives would be thinking seriously about this:-

Financial Freedom can be different for each of us, but generally, you'd have considered one or more of the above. We're going to delve into the ways on how we can all manage our finances a bit better in 2020, hopefully eliminate some debt, or reduce expenses, so that we can simplify our lives and save money in ways that can provide us passive income. Sounds like a good plan, wouldn't you think?

As with anything important in life, it's about prioritising your resources. Be it time, or money, or both; we all are responsible for our own resources. The above may not apply to us Malaysians (because i think our table of priorities may be from bottom up of this :P); but still, your life, your priorities. We'll journey in the coming weeks on some key topics that can help us achieve financial freedom, if we put our thought and commitments to some good changes this year.

After all, at the end of it all, let's be:

We'd like to say that we lived life "MY WAAAYYYYY...."

So stay tuned, and let's work to have a great financial year in 2020!

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