Stay Vigilant, Stay Strong

With the recent news of the COVID-19 number of cases going up again in Malaysia, it can be deja vu for all of us here in Malaysia. It's not going to "end" anytime soon, and we all need to keep vigilant in keeping ourselves and others protected.

Aside from vigilance in health and contact with others, we also need to look out for our own financial health. Reviewing your financial behaviours in this "new norm" will be helpful in helping to build up your financial future.

Has your income been affected? Do you have enough insurance for emergencies? What kind of insurances do you have and do you need? Do you have enough cash for emergencies? How about your long term savings or short term savings? If something happens to me, what happens to my loved ones? Do I have my debts covered? All these questions may be running through your mind, but remember health goes hand in hand with wealth in life.

We, at ECL Advisory, provide unbiased, structured advise on your situation and possible options as solutions that will fit your needs. Do speak to one of our specialists and we'd be glad to help. We do contactless consultations, and if required and requested, face to face meets but within the safety SOPs as recommended by the government.

Get in touch with us online or give us a call. We're here for you. Stay vigilant, stay strong.

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